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Pupils will be taught to use their phonic knowledge to spell new words.

They will be encouraged to orally rehearse sentences before writing them and to re-read their writing to check it makes sense.  Writing will be taught by shared writing with the teacher modelling the skills and processes essential to writing eg thinking aloud as they collect ideas, drafting, re-reading and making explicit vocabulary choices.  Pupils will be encouraged to draw on and use new vocabulary from their own reading and books they have listened to, in their writing and will create a vocabulary table with their teacher for each unit of work.  Pupils will also be taught in small Guided Writing Groups appropriate to their stage of development as writers. 


Pupils will be taught to write for a range of purposes using a range of genres eg stories, recounts, explanations, instructions, reports and poetry.  Pupils will be encouraged to discuss what they have written with their teacher and think of ways to improve it.  Learning objectives for the lesson will be shared with the children and success criteria formulated with the children.  Individual writing targets will be given to each pupil and their writing marked to the lesson objective and/or individual writing target using the success and improvement marking strategy.

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