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School Council 2021/22

School Council


Here are the School Council for 2021-22


Year 2- Maysan, Ammerah, Adrianna, Arbi, Mia and Geovani

Year1 - Zion, Alexandra, Alex, Abigail, Rosetta and Mehdi


How were they chosen?


They were voted in by their Year One and Year Two classmates via a secret ballot. The classes were asked to consider who would be best for the role before they voted. They were encouraged to choose someone who:


• is a good thinker

• is a good listener

• speaks audibly and clearly

• suggests ways in which the school could be improved


When will they meet?


They will meet every half term with Mrs Dean.


How will people know who the members of the School Council are ?


They will wear a school council badge.

School Leaders


Here are the School Leaders for Term 1 2020


Delia, Slav, Lilly, Azraq, Iustin and Mia


They were voted in by their Year Two classmates. They were asked to choose someone who:

• is kind

• is helpful

• is patient

• is trustworthy

• is caring

• is responsible

• has good manners


What will they be asked to do?


The School Leaders could be asked to complete tasks for teachers and Ms Cattle in and around the school, gardening and organising playground equipment. They could also help children with their learning.



How will people know who the School Leaders are?


They will wear school jumpers and polo T-shirts emblazoned with CAN I HELP YOU

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