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Village Infants is a happy, caring community where children and adults enjoy learning together. As an infant school we have the huge privilege of being able to make our children’s first school experience positive and enjoyable. We are committed to providing a place of excellence to begin their learning journey where all children achieve their very best. Our logo is at the heart of what we believe and everyone at Village Infants is encouraged to be a good thinker and a good learner. It is our passion, to not just impart knowledge, but to give young children a thirst to become good learners. To ask questions and be curious about the world in which they live and to develop skills of perseverance and resilience, so they do not give up when they experience tasks that challenge them. As a community we celebrate challenge and encourage adults and children alike to reflect on their mistakes and learn from them.   


At Village Infants we understand the importance of the emotional well-being and personal development of every child. We strive to provide exciting learning opportunities, including music, drama and Thrilling Thursday activities so that all children experience success and have a strong sense of self-worth. We want every single child to feel good and proud about themselves as a learner and as a unique individual.  Feeling good about themselves also empowers children to make friends and get along with people even when they have different ideas and opinions.


Our core values are perseverance, resilience, curiosity and kindness and we take every opportunity to develop and celebrate these throughout our school.


The support and interest you give your child at home, your love and belief that they can ‘do it,’ is crucial to your son or daughter achieving their full potential. We look forward to an exciting partnership with you to help your children become good thinkers and good learners, developing skills that will equip them for a happy healthy life.

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