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Knowing How to Help Children With Maths

Friday 11th October


One of the topics we discussed was:

  1. Knowing how to help children with Maths work      


Parents shared that they are keen to help their children with maths activities at home but that they are unsure about the methods that teachers use. They do not want to confuse their children.


Mrs Meech shared that the school had provided Maths Workshops for parents last year but attendance had been very disappointing. We discussed that working parents are often too busy to attend workshops after a day at work and that some parents cannot attend because of child care complications.

Somebody suggested that it would be good to see a recording of children doing a range of maths calculations on the website. All agreed this was a good idea.


  • Mrs Meech to organise some recordings of children doing Maths calculations for the website.
  • Parents to let Mrs Meech know if they are useful.
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