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Friday 23rd June 2017




We revisited this issue from a previous coffee morning and discussed the tips that parents had suggested. These included:


  • Remember you are the BOSS! Be firm but fair and do not set your children up to fail.
  • Pick your battles – decide in your mind the non-negotiables and try not to get into battles that are not necessary.
  • Have routines/boundaries eg bedtimes, meal times, tidy up times etc. Encourage your children to be part of the routines so they are allowed to become responsible and part of the household. Ensure routines are as much fun as possible eg you might have more success with tidy up time if it is accompanied to fun music!
  • Value mistakes… we all make them! They are simply opportunities to learn. So if your child tells a lie, use the opportunity to help them see the importance of telling the truth.
  • Admit when you are wrong! Show them it’s okay to make mistakes.
  • Give your child a voice to tell you about the good and bad things in their life in their own words. Try not to shout at them and prevent them from being able to explain why they ‘did it.’
  • Remember the ‘Power of Positive!’ Catch them being good and make them feel so great that they want to continue with better behaviour.
  • Finally – find a consequence that your child does not want! Use it sparingly and do not make false threats! Eg if you say no sweets, no TV, no gadgets, early bed.. then mean it. You are the BOSS!


We also talked about:

How we can help children to be successful learners by helping them to develop the following skills.

  • Perseverance …..they don’t give up if something is difficult
  • Resilience ………..they feel ok about making mistakes
  • Curiosity …… a desire to explore and work things out through trial and error.

We discussed that we need to demonstrate these skills to our children. For example, we need to show resilience when we are disappointed. If we lose our temper of have a meltdown then, they will believe this is acceptable behaviour!!

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