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First Aid

The Administration of Medicine
Parents are responsible for the administration of medicine to their children, and if the child needs a dose of medicine at lunchtime the pupil should return home for this or the parent should come to school to administer the medicine.


Exceptions If a child suffers from asthma, the inhaler may be kept in school, in a cupboard in the medical area. A member of Staff (usually the School Assistant) will supervise while the child self-administers the dose required at a time agreed with the parent. The parent will be required to sign a Consent Form to authorise this.

Children who become unwell at school
If a child becomes unwell at school, it is the duty of parents to make arrangements to collect the child to take him/her home or to the doctor or hospital.
To this end, it is vital to have not only pupils' home telephone numbers, but parents’ work numbers and other emergency numbers, such as those of relatives.
If parents or relatives are not available when a pupil becomes seriously unwell or injured, an ambulance will be called so that medical care is obtained.


Accidents and injuries in school
The school has qualified First Aiders who will deal with minor accidents and injuries. Depending upon the nature of the injury you may or may not be notified.
Minor scrapes and bumps will be treated as appropriate. More serious injuries will be recorded in an accident book and if we feel it is important that parents are made aware of the accident your child will be given a lime green wrist band to wear which will tell you details of what happened and any treatment that was administered. In cases of very serious accidents we will telephone to ask you to come to the school or if it is felt necessary an ambulance will be called.


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