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E-Safety / Pupil Well-Being / Resilience / Healthy Eating

Friday 30th November 2017


We discussed:



  • Letting your child watch You Tube on their own is currently NOT SAFE.

Characters taken from Frozen [Elsa] and Peppa Pig are being used to expose children to images that are totally inappropriate. Please be extra careful in what your children watch.


Once seen ……. an image cannot be unseen! The damage is done. wink



Helping your child to be Resilient by:

  • Supporting them when they lose control and lose their temper… ‘I can see you are cross/upset….. Will you let me help you?’
  • Being over-protective…. [wrapping them in cotton wool] Allow them to take reasonable risks and to learn that mistakes can help them to be good thinkers.
  • Being good role models to our children. Making sure that we do not lose our temper when things go wrong or we are disappointed!


Helping your child to be healthy by:

  • Guiding healthy food choices
  • We discussed the value of letting children have a school dinner as this allows them to experience a more diverse menu than they may have at home. There is also the advantage that they will often see other children, who are more adventurous with food, enjoying meals and they may copy their good role model.
  • Being active


  • We shared how to support children who have fears and can exhibit rigid behaviours.

Our next meeting is: 9.10 am Friday 26th January

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