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Village Infants

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Aims and Values

Aims of the School


  • To encourage all children to become good thinkers and learners

  • To enable every child to achieve their full potential and feel valued whatever their ability level. 

  • To provide a broad curriculum and create a rich and challenging environment in which children want to learn. 
  • To help every child engage with their learning - to know how they are doing and to understand their next step and how to get there. 

  • To ensure that all children leave Village Infants proud of their achievements, feeling that they have experienced success with the desire to carry on learning.

  • We want to see our school as a valuable and purposeful place in the community.



Our pupils are encouraged to be

Good Thinkers and Good Learners

by developing the key values of:


Perseverance…. Helps us to keep doing something even when it is difficult.


Resilience…. Helps us to feel OK about making mistakes.


Kindness…. Makes us friendly and considerate of other people’s feelings.


Curiosity …… Makes us eager to learn and ask questions.



At Village Infants we believe that children learn best when


They feel good about themselves. This will happen when they feel safe to make mistakes and learn from them. They need to perceive difficulty not as a failure but as an opportunity to embrace challenge and learn something new. This allows them to develop Perseverance and Resilience so that they are eager to learn and willing to try new things and not give up when ‘the going gets tough!’



At Village we promote the fundamental British Values of:



Democracy by making decisions together

Rule of Law by understanding that rules matter, that our own and others behaviour has consequences and learning to distinguish between right and wrong

Individual Liberty by developing a positive sense of self and understanding that others may have different opinions

Mutual Respect by caring, sharing and listening to others, developing a respect for our own and other cultures

Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

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