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6th November

WE TALKED ABOUT                                                          6th November



One parent highlighted the importance of raising the self-esteem of girls to empower them to get a good job when they leave full time education. This led to a general agreement that a healthy self-esteem is of huge importance to all children and adults. We discussed what gives a child a strong self-esteem. Answers included:

* Feeling loved and accepted

* Getting praise for specific things

* Being supported to learn from mistakes

* A sense of achievement…. Feeling good about themselves for a range of things eg kindness, being helpful, telling the truth etc [not just academic or vocational success]



We discussed the New Curriculum for KS1 children. This provides more opportunities for children to develop broad learning as opposed to going up a level. Verbal reasoning is a big part of broad learning. All children will be expected to explain their ideas and thinking. This is something that has to be taught. Children need adults to model how to do it. Mrs Meech encouraged parents to support their children by encouraging them to speak in full sentences… without this encouragement, they will be happy to give one word answers! For example … Ask your child to tell you how they clean their teeth. This is a relatively simple everyday task. Describing it will make your child order their thoughts. You could encourage them to start their sentences with First… Then… After that etc Number Work

One mum shared that her child was finding it hard to understand numbers. She had found Number Jacks (a programme on the CBeebies children’s channel) a great resource. Another parent shared how they overcame her child's math's difficulty by linking it to football (a favoured hobby) and turning it to a fun activity. Mrs Meech invited Y1 and Y2 parents to attend Maths workshops throughout the coming year to gets ideas on how to support their children through fun activities at home. Details will be shared through letters in your child’s book bag.

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