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25th November

WE TALKED ABOUT                                                                    25th November


Fund Raising

Following a discussion when Mrs Meech shared her concerns about Village Infants budget, parents shared that they would be happy to support fund raising events every half term. We agreed:

  • School to share ideas with all parents.
  • To keep these ideas simple.
  • Mrs Meech would let parents and children know specific things the money raised would be spent on. [Parents find the sandwich board by the school gate very useful]
  • Parents also felt that it would be appropriate to have a donation bucket at school performances such as Christmas Plays, The Easter Bonnet Parade and Year Group Assemblies.



Going Paperless

  • Many schools are saving money by going paperless.
  • Mrs Meech asked parents how they felt about this. Everybody at the coffee morning shared that they would be happy to receive letters etc electronically. We discussed supporting parents who prefer hard copy letters.



Parent Governors

Mrs Meech asked if anybody knew Village Infants Governors and especially, who …Parent Governors were. Nobody did! We then discussed ways Governors especially Parent Governors could become better known so that parents could approach them about school based issues. Suggestions included:

  • Governors & especially Parent Governors attending Parents Evening – being available in the school hall
  • Governors & especially Parent Governors attending the Christmas Concert
  • Governors & especially Parent Governors attending coffee mornings
  • Photos on the School Website
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